Web Design
Webflow Development

In an exciting and deeply collaborative venture with Suppli, our design team embarked on the meticulous creation of a distinctive website that serves as an immersive showcase for the brand's unique identity and unparalleled style. With a dedicated focus on custom UI illustrations and a meticulously crafted bespoke design, we didn't just prioritize aesthetic appeal; we delved into encapsulating the core values and distinctive personality of Suppli. The resulting online platform goes far beyond a visually captivating website; it emerges as a nuanced and reflective digital representation, authentically embodying the essence of the Suppli brand and providing visitors with a captivating and immersive online journey that resonates with the brand's ethos.

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"Snowhouse Studio impressed us with a polished, fast website that effectively highlighted our product. Despite some project adjustments, their efficient project management and clean design exceeded our expectations. Communication through Slack was seamless, and overall, they showcased flexibility and technical excellence in delivering a superb end product."

Ryan Ayers
Co-founder, Suppli


Covelance, the esteemed Technical Trade School, partnered with us to undergo a comprehensive modernization of their brand and outreach initiatives. Leveraging our extensive expertise in strategy, marketing, branding, illustration, design, and development, the collaboration was strategically orchestrated to ensure that Covelance's messaging resonates profoundly with tech enthusiasts. The holistic approach encompassed the meticulous representation of tech skills and the simplification of the learning process, resulting in a refined and compelling narrative that positions Covelance as a cutting-edge institution at the forefront of technology education.