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Our collaborative journey with the exceptional talents at Thor's Skyr was marked by a shared commitment to excellence as we undertook the creation of a bespoke website on the versatile Webflow platform. This strategic choice was made with a keen understanding of Thors Skyr's unique brand values and aesthetic preferences, ensuring not only a seamless online presence but also a digital experience that authentically mirrors the essence of its brand. The synergy between our team and Thor's Skyr unfolded in the meticulous design, development, and implementation processes, culminating in a sophisticated and user-centric website that stands as a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.

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“Working with the Snowhouse team has been a very positive experience, and they have given us a great support on making our new Thor’s Skyr website and following through with our needs in every aspect of the project. They always tried to find solutions to any website request big or small from us. The workflow was very pleasant and well-organized. I would highly recommend working with them.”

Hrefna Lind
Art Director, Thor's Skyr

Elevate Brands

In an exciting and deeply collaborative venture with Suppli, our design team embarked on the meticulous creation of a distinctive website that serves as an immersive showcase for the brand's unique identity and unparalleled style. With a dedicated focus on custom UI illustrations and a meticulously crafted bespoke design, we didn't just prioritize aesthetic appeal; we delved into encapsulating the core values and distinctive personality of Suppli. The resulting online platform goes far beyond a visually captivating website; it emerges as a nuanced and reflective digital representation, authentically embodying the essence of the Suppli brand and providing visitors with a captivating and immersive online journey that resonates with the brand's ethos.