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We are thrilled to showcase our recent collaboration with yayloh, a leading provider of return management software that empowers online retailers to deliver exceptional customer experiences, streamline return processes, and minimize return rates. Through a comprehensive partnership with yayloh, we provided a range of services designed to elevate their brand identity and enhance their digital presence. The redesigned website serves as a powerful tool for customer acquisition and brand awareness, while the UI illustrations and Lottie animations add a touch of personality and engagement. We are honored to have contributed to yayloh's success and look forward to witnessing their continued growth as they revolutionize the online retail experience.

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“I started working with Snowhouse studio a few months ago to create a brand new website for my company. The team was a pleasure to work with and the result is a website that I am extremely happy with. The team is knowledgeable, responsive, and they put in the extra effort to create something that’s unique and personalized to the needs of their clients.”

Sophie Aubrad
CEO, Yayloh

Thor’s Skyr

Our collaborative journey with the exceptional talents at Thor's Skyr was marked by a shared commitment to excellence as we undertook the creation of a bespoke website on the versatile Webflow platform. This strategic choice was made with a keen understanding of Thors Skyr's unique brand values and aesthetic preferences, ensuring not only a seamless online presence but also a digital experience that authentically mirrors the essence of its brand. The synergy between our team and Thor's Skyr unfolded in the meticulous design, development, and implementation processes, culminating in a sophisticated and user-centric website that stands as a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.