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In an exciting and deeply collaborative venture with Suppli, our design team embarked on the meticulous creation of a distinctive website that serves as an immersive showcase for the brand's unique identity and unparalleled style. With a dedicated focus on custom UI illustrations and a meticulously crafted bespoke design, we didn't just prioritize aesthetic appeal; we delved into encapsulating the core values and distinctive personality of Suppli. The resulting online platform goes far beyond a visually captivating website; it emerges as a nuanced and reflective digital representation, authentically embodying the essence of the Suppli brand and providing visitors with a captivating and immersive online journey that resonates with the brand's ethos.

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"As a fast-paced ecommerce startup with evolving needs, it was important for us to find a digital partner we could grow with. That’s exactly what we found working with Snowhouse. Thorir and his team are agile, hyper-collaborative, flexible, and always taking our ideas to the next level. They execute design flawlessly, build seamless user experiences, and make complicated web issues easy for non-web team members to understand. It’s an absolute joy to work with such talented, kind, and innovative professionals."

Jocelyn Coffin
Director of Content Strategy, Elevate Brands


We undertook the comprehensive redesign of Sudozi's website, employing the versatile features of Webflow for a robust and visually compelling online presence. Our approach extended beyond aesthetics, prioritizing user experience to create a seamless and engaging platform. This redesign not only reflects Sudozi's brand vision but also enhances their digital footprint, establishing a dynamic and user-friendly space for their audience.