Full time

Project Manager

Projects Managers at Snowhouse are like a project execution team. They work with clients, designers and developers to make sure that everyone on the team is aligned from start-to finish so nothing falls through the cracks! Snowhouse is looking for an experienced project manager who can ensure the quality and consistency of all client/project deliverables while promoting positive relationships between Snowhouse, its vendors & clients. The successful candidate will play a significant role in identifying additional work opportunities by building strong long-term partnerships with our current business partners alongside them identifying new ones!


  • Coordinate activities for the project team, scheduling and facilitating meetings (i.e. kick-offs, internal/client meetings, stand-ups), while ensuring tasks get completed
  • Provide day-to-day contact for clients on project status, scope, and changes.
  • Identifying obstacles and problems, and leading the development of solutions
  • Reliable communications with internal and client team members, external vendors, or other stakeholders
  • Develop, maintain and disseminate all project documentation including status reports, invoices, change request orders, schedules, budgets.
  • Contribute to agency delivery processes, seeking always to further optimize how work gets done.
  • Maintain energy and excitement level of team while allowing them to self-organize and supporting them as a “servant leader”.
  • Develop and build client relationships.
  • You lead the discovery stage of the projects you manage, making the transition from sales to kick-off as smooth as possible.
  • You help the team when they are stuck trying to decipher what the client wants/needs and bringing clarity to the project.
  • You bring your ideas to keep improving how we manage projects.
  • Have fucking fun and be kind.

Key qualifications

  • Experience leading digital projects within an agency or product development environment.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Webflow website development projects.
  • You know how things are built, especially the ones we make. You’ve built or helped build websites before.
  • Understanding of UI / UX design projects.
  • Strong organizational skills and process-oriented.
  • Strong problem-solving ability,
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Able to work independently and with a team.
  • Strong written and verbal communications.
  • Experience with project management tools: Asana, Notion, Google Workspace, etc.
  • Experience with design tools such as Figma.
  • Be invested in your craft, making continuous investment in learning new techniques and tools to better yourself and the team.
  • Experience managing cross-functional teams including technology and design resources
  • You can read what clients want even before they do. Magic? Empathy? A little bit of both.


What drives us

Our values

Quality comes first

We don’t tolerate mediocrity. Every project is an opportunity for us to show our best: we want to elevate your business so we can watch it grow together.


Our clients are more than just customers – they’re partners. We want to deliver a solution that you can be proud of, and we won’t rest until you’re satisfied.

Fuelled by creativity

Digital design is both an art and a science. We inject creativity into every piece of what we build – not because we have to, but because we love to.

Honest and authentic

Masks are for pandemics, not partnerships. We strive for transparency and honesty in everything we do, and we communicate with you every step of the way.

Dependable and flexible

We want you to know, we’ve got your back. Every project we work on receives the same level of care and attention that it needs to be extraordinary. You’re not just a number – you’re a valued client.

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