Why we chose Webflow for our web development

Here at Snowhouse Studio, we work with a wide range of clients designing immersive, compelling digital experiences and this all starts with the website. A website is a portal to the rest of the world. It's virtual real estate that is the first interaction a potential customer has with what you provide. As such, it’s crucial to get it right.

Dec 15, 2023
June 24, 2021
4 min read

We spent a lot of time looking through all the various web development options (and there are plenty), but there was one platform that stood out head and shoulders above the rest – Webflow. It's a relatively new kid on the block, but we were utterly blown away when we saw just what was possible with their tools. And we've been bringing that magic to our clients ever since.


We thought it might be helpful to run through some of the reasons why we chose Webflow for our development needs. Let's dig in.


  • Design-Focused. The whole Webflow platform is design-focused and completely customizable to get the exact look and feel you're going for. Their tools are versatile, which means that someone with no coding experience can get to a beautiful site in no time, but an experienced developer can leverage the more advanced pieces to create genuinely unique online experiences. There is no other platform that offers this breadth of coverage and design excellence.
  • Speed and Efficiency. Webflow's codebase has been optimized for speed which is an absolutely crucial factor in competing online. When compared to some of the competitors who are slowed down by plug-ins and a variety of third-party tools, Webflow races ahead because everything you could need is built-in natively. It continues to surprise us when we see just how fast things can get on Webflow. It's the modern web development at its best.
  • Security. This is one factor that most people underestimate. Site security is critical, and it's simply not a focus for the vast majority of platforms. And so you get sub-optimal protection as a result. Webflow is different. They offer free SSL security on all their sites that come straight out of the box. In addition, they layer some advanced constant threat monitoring on top to cover all your bases. This gives us the peace of mind to know that everything is secure and taken care of, without us having to worry.
  • One-Stop-Shop. Webflow has all the features, functionality, and design capability under one roof. You don't have to tie together a range of third-party tools and options to make your site work. Everything is included in one monthly price, and it all works seamlessly together. This eliminates any unnecessary complexity and gives you time to work on what matters – your business. It's a simple and elegant solution.
  • Support. Webflow has exceptional support for their platform, which is rare in the industry. When you run into a problem, you can get in touch with their team and receive help whenever you need it. It's efficient, nuanced, and human-led, which makes it really powerful. Just having this at your side is worth its weight in gold because you can remove any bottlenecks or obstacles in your way without fuss.
  • Minimalistic Back-End. For all the bells and whistles you can add on the front-end, the CMS you deal with every day is minimal and designed for efficiency. This contrast is a breath of fresh air, and it makes for an enjoyable working experience. It removes the fluff that clutters up other platforms and just leaves you with those pieces that really matter. As a company that lives in this back-end every day, it's a fantastic perk of the software – one that we don't take for granted.

Those are just a few of the reasons that stand out in our minds. Webflow continues to expand and innovate on its offering, bringing modern thinking to an industry that so desperately needed it. Our business would not be where it is today without it. Their fresh take on what really matters and their focus on speed and efficiency – makes it the perfect combination of substance and form.

It's also worth noting that Webflow is growing at a tremendous pace and looks set to dominate the space in the years to come. In almost no time, they have joined the ranks of the biggest web development platforms in the world, and we don't expect that to slow down any time soon. When compared to incumbents, it seems that Webflow has taken the time to understand the downsides and holes in their competitor's offerings and have been able to deliver on a superior product that focuses on the few things that matter, automating and eliminating the trivial things that don't. 

As a company that regularly builds these experiences for clients, there is no other platform that can do the job that Webflow does. It mixes unlimited creativity with powerful web functionality that can knit together digital experiences seamlessly. As we've watched our clients take these new offerings to customers, we've been buoyed by how positive the responses have been. In a world where websites are a dime a dozen, what you can build in Webflow does stand out.


If your business is looking for a fresh take on your digital experience and wants to work with a certified professional partner that can bring reams of experience to the table, then look no further. We love working with companies who want to push the boundaries of what is possible and deliver 'wow' experiences to their customers. Our development community, combined with our full range of services, can breathe new life into your brand on a significant scale.


If this sounds like something that you'd be interested in, be sure to contact us today to discuss how we can help. We can't wait to meet you!